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It’s important that broken and damaged teeth are treated without delay.
If action is not taken at the earliest opportunity, oral health may be severely compromised and cause even further damage to the oral cavity, surrounding teeth and their supporting structures.

At 53 Wimpole Street, our team have many years of experience in diagnosing and providing Restorative Dentistry for our patients. Once a diagnosis has been made and treatment is unavoidable, we always aim to use minimally invasive techniques.

We also understand that it’s not always just the functional issues of damaged teeth our patients are concerned with. Our Dentists use Restorative techniques for aesthetic treatment of teeth to meet our clients’ needs and boost their confidence, giving them a reason to smile!

All of our Dentists at 53 Wimpole Street are highly experienced in the use of all filling materials, specifically composite (white) fillings. We also work with different local and national laboratories to make gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal and a full range of the all-ceramic crown systems.

What Restorative Dentistry treatments do we offer?

Inlays/Onlays: The most common form of Restorative Dentistry is inlays or more commonly known as Fillings. Inlays fill the tooth where decay has damaged the tooth and thus preventing further decay whilst restoring the tooth to back to function. Onlays are similar, but cover more of the tooth’s surface and are referred to as “partial crowns”.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone, acting as a root where the natural tooth has failed. Dental Implants are used to support one or more false teeth and due to advanced technology can look exactly like your other natural teeth.

Periodontal Treatments: Periodontics refers to the diagnosis and treatment of the surrounding oral cavity and supporting bone, ligament and gum around the teeth. Our Dentists and Hygienists at 53 Wimpole Street are experts at diagnosing and treating Periodontal Disease (gum disease). We can advise and treat you in relation to your gum condition.

Orthodontics: Orthodontic Treatment is essentially the correction of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth as well improving problems with an over-bite and straightening teeth. Treatment is usually in the form of fixed braces, but includes removable braces, functional appliances (a pair of removable plastic braces, joined together and fitted to upper and lower teeth) and headgear. As modern dentistry has advanced, we also offer aligners and invisible or lingual braces which are fitted to the back of teeth, for those who would prefer a more discreet treatment.

Endodontics: Our Dentists perform a variety of procedures, the most common of which is Endodontic Therapy or “Root Canal Therapy”. Endodontics also incorporates the treatment of cracked teeth and dental trauma. At 53 Wimpole Street, we provide endodontics using modern techniques and a state of the art rotary system. We are proud to work with some of the best Endodontic Specialists in London.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Our Dentists are not only here to Restore your teeth to function but also understand that the appearance of your teeth is important. To that end, our dentists are also highly skilled in the application of veneers – composite or porcelain which are bonded to the teeth, creating a more desired shape and filling gaps in teeth. Cosmetic Dental Treatments also include stain removal and whitening.

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  • What is Restorative Dentistry?

    Restorative Dentistry is the diagnosis and treatment of teeth and their supporting structures. We use Restorative Dentistry to bring your teeth back to normal function using treatments such as crowns and bridges, dental implants, root canal therapy, fillings and dentures.

  • How much does Restorative Dentistry cost?

    This depends on the treatment, here at 53 Wimpole Street once we’ve completed a thorough examination, assessment and a diagnosis has been made, we will always endeavour to provide you with all your options and tell you the risks, benefits and cost of your treatment before we start treating you.

  • Does Restorative Dentistry hurt?

    Although most treatments are virtually painless due to the use of local anaesthetic, we know some of patients suffer with dental anxiety and phobia. At 53 Wimpole Street, we are experts at keeping our as calm as possible throughout your time with us. We can also offer our patients intravenous conscious sedation for those patients that are very apprehensive of dentistry. It’s one of our specialities and we are proud to be able to offer this comforting option so even the most anxious of patients can start on the journey to a better smile.

  • How long do Dentures last?

    With proper care, your Dentures can last more than a decade. Our Dentists at 53 Wimpole Street will fit you with a bespoke beautifully made set of Full or Partial Dentures, custom made to fit comfortably in your mouth.

  • How long does a filling last?

    This will depend upon many factors which are specific to the individual patient. However the size of the filling, the material used and the biting forces on the filling will all influence the longevity of the filling. Longevity also depends on your care and maintenance. The majority of fillings last for many years. We will always advise our patients of their options and the longevity of the chosen treatment.

  • What causes the need for a Root Canal Treatment?

    A Root Canal Therapy may be necessary if the pulp (nerve and blood supply within the tooth) becomes inflamed or infected due to decay, irritation or trauma to the tooth.

  • How long does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

    With all the advances in Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment is performed much faster and with much less discomfort than in the past. Treatments are usually performed in two visits and sometimes even in one depending on your particular circumstance.

  • Is Restorative Dentistry an option for children?

    Yes! Typically, children can be prone to cavities, which means they will require fillings. Our Dentists at 53 Wimpole Street are highly skilled in the use of all types of fillings and our clinic and team are child-friendly and welcoming to ensure your child has the best experience when visiting the dentist.

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